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Ghostwire Tokyo releases its pre-launch trailer


The trailer deployed by Bethesda on the occasion of the State of Play is more particularly interested in the history of the game of Tango Gameworks.

After Exoprimal, it was Ghostwire: Tokyo’s turn to take the stage at State of Play from Sony on March 9. No wonder since the game from Tango Gameworks and Bethesda is expected for the March 25 on PS5 as on PC.

And it is by the way of his pre-launch trailer that he introduced himself. Directed by Shinji Mikami (The Evil Within), this game ofaction-adventure rely more on a paranormal experience and action than pure horror.

It is in fact thanks to magical powers as Akito, the hero who wakes up alone in the streets of Tokyo while all of humanity seems to have evaporatedshall confront Hannya and her minions, called Visitorsstraight out of mythology, folklore and urban legends.

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Helped by KK, the spirit of the detective who gives him his powers and with whom he communicates, he will have to discover the origin of the phenomenon and the mystery behind Hannya, who hides behind a noh mask (mask representing a feeling and used to embody non-human characters in traditional Japanese theater).

“Hannya’s body language shows that he is doing something important, and it’s hard to tell if the mask is expressing anger or sadness,” Game Director Kenji Kimura

The preorders are open and make it possible to obtain the Hannya outfit and the exclusive biker outfit pack. What’s more, Ghostwire: Tokyo Deluxe Edition gives right to 3 days early access (digital version of the game only), as well as the shinobi outfit, kunai and the streetwear outfit pack.

Source: blog.uk.playstation.com

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