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Glover, a forgotten N64 license, returns to PC


Piko Interactive, an American studio specializing in republishing old stuff, announces the return of Glover, a 1998 N64 game whose rights were acquired several years ago.

If you are part of the elite who had a nintendo64 in the 90s, you may have already played Glover, a platform game (what else on this console at the time?) published by Hasbro in 1998and eventually focused on competition from Sony the following year.

Much appreciated by players, the game was to have a sequel in 1999. The latter had even been teased with images. Eventually canceled, the project was shuffled from studio to studio until the 2010s and in 2018, an HD remaster project was announced on Switch. The rights finally fell into the hands of Piko Interactivewhich bought several Atari SA licenses.

A few years later, it’s official: Glover will return in 2022 on PC.A completely redone version based on the original N64 source code and improved for recent PCs“says the studio specializing in the thing. For neophytes, This is a puzzle game where you play as a white glove who must control a baballe in 30 different levels.

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Expected release on April 20.

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