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God of War: Halo, DOOM, Freya in a swimsuit… these mods are all about the big picture


Seeing the Master Chief kicking Doomguy’s ass in front of Freya in a swimsuit, did you dream about it? No? Well, it’s possible!

While waiting for God of War Ragnarok, scheduled for next November, some smart guys are having fun modding the first opus. And after The Simpsons, it’s now Halo Infinite and DOOM Eternal’s turn to get involved in the Santa Monica game.

117 vs Slayer X Freya in swimsuit

By the magic of the mod, it is indeed possible to to make fight the Master Chief, armed with a sword of energy, and the Slayer in what is normally the final battle between Kratos and the big bad of the story. By the way, Master Chief is helped here by a Freya in a two-piece swimsuit who obviously doesn’t care about the outside temperature. a completely WTF sequence which always makes you laugh a little.

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We remember the countless number of completely crazy mods that Elden Ring had.

Well, obviously, despite the skins, the fight is identical so if you have not yet made the game, you’d better not launch the video below to spare you spoilers.

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