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God of War Ragnarok: before its PS5 release, the game shows itself in an unusual way


Kratos and his son will soon be back on Sony’s consoles, but they’ll be taking a little detour to a seasonal festival in New Taipei before then.

To say that God of War Ragnarok is awaited is an understatement, the Santa Monica software is not yet released that it already unleashes the crowds for better or worse;
However, we’ll have to wait a little longer since God of War Ragnarok is only scheduled for November 9th on PS5 and PS4. However, while waiting for its release, the software makes talk about him.

God of War Ragnarok at the beach

If we would not have said no to a little gameplay or a new cinematics to make our mouths water, God of War Ragnarok comes back today in a rather unexpected way. And for that, we’re heading to Taiwan, near New Taipei, where the title has been given the right to a splendid sand sculpture to highlight Kratos and his son on a pedestal engraved with its release date.

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This nice artistic piece will be exhibited at the festival “Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Season 2022” in New Taipei until October 10 next. For the rest of us it’s a long way, but if you’re ever in the area this late summer, you now know where you can go.

For the rest of us, we’ll just have to wait until November and hope that the software will offer us a last visual before then.

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