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God of War Ragnarok dated for June 2022 according to a retailer’s site


While the next PS5 / PS4 exclusive has not given any sign of life since its presentation during the PlayStation Showcase 2021. A small Chilean retailer is stalling a release window for this summer.

You are surely waiting for it impatiently, and longing for new information on the next hit from Santa Monica Studio? While waiting for all this, a “news” comes to revive the rumors about the release date of God of War Ragnarok. And it might be sooner than expected!

Indeed, a reseller even goes so far as to specify the month the title was releasedwhich would be expected for June 2022. News that does not come to us from recognized companies like Amazon or GameStop… But of a chilean dealer who, according to certain sources, is customary in adopting this dubious practice to make people talk about him. In the meantime here is the picture.

Given the lack of communication around the software at the moment, it is very unlikely to see God of War Ragnarok land this summer. We would be heading more towards the month of September as certain rumors evoked or towards an end-of-year launch, even if the hypothesis of a postponement is of course still possible.

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Source: juegosdigitaleschile.com

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