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God of War Ragnarok: for Cory Barlog, it will be really “IMPRESSIVE


Now that we are finally set on the release date of God of War Ragnarok. The creative director of the studio, Cory Barlog, graces us with little interventions on twitter that make the hype around the next title of Santa Monica Studios go up.

Yet very expected, we want to prove it by the huge number of views concerning the last trailer of God of War Ragnarok. The next title of Santa Monica Studio remains the target of some players who see it as a an opus 1.5in its own juice and presenting some strong graphic similarities with its elder of 2018.

To extinguish this reductive idea, Cory Barlog, Creative Director of the California-based studio wanted to reassure expectations, and to shower the pessimists via his Twitter accountassuring that God of War Ragnarok is in very good hands with Eric Williams. To the point of saying that the latter is better than him in every wayIn addition to being supported by talented teams.

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A statement that gives hope for a an ambitious and much more consistent sequel than it seems. This in order to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding fans. We must admit that God of War 2018 had already set the bar very high.

The fact is thatEric is simply better than me in this field;

we have a studio of ridiculously talented people who put everything they have into the game, incredible co-development and outsourcing partners, and brilliant performers.

So here it is….


God of War Ragnarok is expected on PS4 and PS5 for the 09 November 2022.

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