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God of War Ragnarok should be official very soon for November 2022


God of War Ragnarok is still talking about its date. This time, it’s Bloomberg’s turn to put forward one. And apparently he got it from reliable sources.

Until there is any formalization about it, God of War Ragnarok will continue to be the source of rumors regarding its release date. And, when some announce it for September of this year, others see it postponed to 2023. Who is right? Well, with his new article, Bloomberg seems to be on the right track. In any case, he has sources to argue.

A release in November?

It’s up to the journalist Jason Schreier, officiating for the British newspaper, that we owe the news. He claims to have been quite recently in contact with three sources close to the development, who wished to remain anonymous. And, according to the information they provided, the game should indeed appear on PS5 and PS4 in November 2022.

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And there’s more. The announcement of the release should be very soon. In fact, as interviewees would have it, the date should no longer be a mystery as of this month of june. When exactly? Well, we will scrutinize with redoubled attention now each passing day, especially since with the Summer Game Festwe are not immune to a small consecrated event.

The information therefore remains to be considered with caution. However, if we refer to the recent classification by the Korean organization, the game would have almost finished with its development. Horizon Forbidden West was released three months after being recorded.

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