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Godfall: Ultimate Edition is coming to Xbox and Steam


The PlayStation exclusive Godfall is now coming to Xbox consoles as well as Steam in an expanded edition.

Released first on PS5 and the Epic Games Store, Godfall is not what we can call a frank success in view of the criticisms that have emerged. Then, a little less than a year later, the Gearbox title came to PS4 with narrative content alongside it. And now it’s the consoles’ turn Microsoft (Xbox Series and One) and Steam to see the game land.

Godfall: Ultimate Edition will arrive on April 7 next and will have in his possession all the elements that were added to it after the launch of the game, i.e. the updates as well as the “Fire & Darkness” DLC. This version will also be available for machines PlayStation and the Epic Games Store for a price of €39.99. On Xbox and Steam, it will be available from time to 29.99 euros.

On the same day, a free update (“Exalted Update”) will enrich the experience. In essence, Gearbox has reworked the gameplay, the storyline, revised its bosses and brought a new multiplayer mode. The details of these new features can be found on the official blog or just below:

Shards of Valorplate

  • Each of the 12 Bravery Plates now has four unlockable shards that offer new ways to customize and improve your playstyle.
  • For example, thanks to the shards, Phoenix can set enemies on fire more easily with Wildfire Strike, unleash a cone of fire with his shield, and even resurrect himself!
  • For a more detailed breakdown of shards, check out the second in a series of new developer blogs here.
  • Ascendant and Exalted Valueplate

    • Collecting all four shards will unlock a Valorplate’s Ascendant form, granting it a second passive ability.
    • After reaching max level with all four shards, the valorplate becomes Exalted, granting it a third and final passive ability, as well as a visually stunning new cosmetic that can be displayed on the valorplate’s podium in the Sanctum.

    Check Out Godfall’s Improved Campaign

    • Ravenna and Soras will now accompany Orin and fight alongside him on certain story missions, and provide new dialogue in the Sanctum between missions.
    • Macros, Orin’s twisted brother, is now more present throughout the campaign, taunting Orin during story missions and building the tension until the epic final showdown.

    Overhauled combat

    • All weapons are now equipped with powerful timed attacks that can be triggered directly after using a weapon skill.
    • Knockdown 2.0 is one of the most requested features by fans. Players can now unlock a recovery skill that allows them to quickly get back into combat after being knocked down.
    • A revive system has been added, allowing players to revive each other in co-op mode!

    Realm bosses reworked

    • The sigil mechanic has been removed to streamline how realm bosses work. Players can now challenge realm bosses whenever the story allows.
    • However, each realm boss now has three captains scattered around their realm. Defeating these captains allows powerful bans to be lifted that would make the kingdom boss fight much more difficult.

    Fan-Requested Quality of Life Improvements

  • Godfall has a ton of awesome loot to earn, and the Exalted update provides a variety of new ways to sort and manage your growing inventory.
  • Designed to be a tinkerer’s dream, Godfall’s new loadout menu allows players to save up to three custom builds per valorplate, including unique skill grids!
  • Tower of Exalted Trials

    • Put your skills to the test against enemies up to level 150 and multiple bosses that appear simultaneously in Godfall’s ultimate challenge.
    • Earn unique new weapons with triple primary characteristics!

    All-new “Spirit Realms” mode for up to six players

  • Team up with up to five other players for the best co-op Godfall experience yet!
  • Use spirit vision to battle enemies and uncover hidden secrets between the material and spiritual planes by collecting elder souls.
  • Use Elder Souls to unlock the Elder Gate and take on Godfall’s many deadly bosses through unique Spirit Vision mechanics.
  • Collect Macro Shards to gain powerful boons that last for the duration of your journey through the Spirit Realms.
  • Earn awesome new upgrades with dual primary stats.
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