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Godzilla and King Kong in Call of Duty Warzone or Warzone 2? News @VGR


What if the two biggest critters in the MonsterVerse showed up in Activision’s battle royale? According to the rumors, it is plausible.

According to information from Tom Henderson, Universal’s famous Kaijus could land in Warzone or the next Warzone 2. In any case, this is what the man in the columns ofXFire.

After receiving a tip from a Twitter user and verifying himself with his sources, it turns out that several artworks featuring Godzilla and King Kong facing WWII soldiers (Call of Duty Vanguard, Warzone season 2) really exist in Activision’s small papers. But there are two problems that make everything to be taken with a grain of salt.

Godzilla x King Kong vs. Call of Duty

The first is that artworks, sometimes illustrating potential collaborations, there are heaps of them, hundreds even according to Henderson. Concept arts that can simply allow creators to put ideas, lines of development or, indeed, future collabs on paper, as was the case with Rambo or Die Hard for example.

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Another point to consider, Warzone would currently not be malleable enough to take advantage of so much collaboration of this caliber, forcing Activision to review its copy. This is where Warzone 2 comes into play: the second opus of the battle royale would be under construction and should not be long in coming to the end of its nose.

The publisher’s idea would be to offer a battle royale whose architecture and sub-software would allow it to constantly evolve. internally the idea of ​​making it a game of the same caliber as Fortnite would have been mentioned. So we can see here Activision’s desire to comfortably and durably install its Warzone 2 to make it a must and chain collaborative events, like its counterpart from Epic Games.

Seeing Godzilla and King Kong land is therefore a real probabilityonly remains to know if it will be in Caldera or in a future Warzone 2. The bets are open.

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Source: www.xfire.com

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