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Gotham Knights is ready for release


Already pushed by the postponement, Gotham Knights doesn’t have to worry anymore. It is on the right track to be released on the date indicated today.

Gotham Knights has been in the spotlight for a while now. It reveals its characters with video presentations, Red Hood was recently given one, and draws the player’s attention to the gameplay. This was the case with a broadcast last May and it was the same in June with another one published by IGN.

So the communication is accelerating. Which is quite logical since the game is coming out very soon. And if until now, we could fear a new postponement, like the one that hit the game a little more than a year ago now, a piece of information now comes to sweep away all our uncertainties with a wave of the hand.

Gotham Knights to be released in October

Warner Bros. will not release Hogwarts Legacy this year, but Gotham Knights will be released in October new gen and PC on October 25th. And it will not be disturbed anymore. At least, it’s not on the development side that any problems could emerge, since it has just been finished.

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Two months away from its release, the title has just gone gold. This means that it is now ready to be distributed. But this will not prevent the studio from working on the game in order to provide a patch at its release.

While waiting to see it released, we should obviously see it again very soon. It’s a safe bet that it will even show up at gamescom.

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