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Gotham Knights playtest appeared briefly on Steam


A few days after a (denied) release date for April 2022 was broadcast, a playable “Gotham Knights Playtest” appeared on the Steam game page this weekend.

Insomniac players permanently connected to the Steam database could spot it, because apparently it was not necessary to blink. This weekend, on Steam, a version of Gotham Knights appeared in the listing of the game’s files. Although the release date is still not announced, it would be a play test of this highly anticipated title.

Thanks to a screenshot of a user on Reddit, whose account and image has since been deleted, “Gotham Knights playtest” app appeared and then removed from public Steam servers, after about twenty minutes. But the package is still present in the database, which could indicate that the publisher has only hidden the file for now.

Visibly, the file was some 82.41GB according to a user who was able to start the download. Is it an internal beta or a real build that will be offered to players? Hard to know for now, the game is still announced for a wave 2022. We won’t be able to avenge Batou’s death tomorrow.

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Could Gotham Knights be released on April 24?

As a reminder, a few days ago, an Irish store displayed a game (whose box was empty) on its shelves with the date of April 24th. Very quickly, the info had been denied by several customers who announced that the seller had put a “placeholder”, a false date while waiting to learn more.

Source: steamdb.info

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