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Gothic remake returns with first real trailer


The remake of the German RPG released in 2001 takes advantage of the small moment reserved by its publisher, THQ Nordic, to show its universe through a first real trailer.

Released in 2001The German RPG, Gothic, quickly became popular, giving birth to new episodes. However, in the 2010s, the series was a little quiet until the new decade approached. And so it was only in 2020 that it showed itself again with the announcement of a remake for its first opus. But, since then, the latter has not been the most talkative about its existence. This has now changed a little at the conference THQ Nordic of this August 12, 2022.

New images for Gothic

For this revisit, it is the Barcelona studio Alkimia Interactive which will be in charge of giving a new youth to the title originally created by Piranha Bytes.

And, for the moment, we can’t say much about what will be proposed to us when it will be released in the near or distant future, we don’t know, since the release date on new gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series) However, today we have the first images of the game, except for the time when the title appeared with a playable teaser to begin its return.

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And so, in the absence of gameplay, we face a cinematic that sends us into the depths of the mining colony in which our hero will have to evolve and where he will have to face more than one danger.

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