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Gran Turismo 7: a heavyweight in sight for your SSD


The disk space needed to accommodate the new version of Polyphony Digital’s car racing game will certainly require you to do some cleaning.

The next ps5 blockbuster to the glory of the automobile, Gran Turismo 7, seems to want to caress in the direction of the hair our retinas (new-gen graphics in 4K, RTX, 60 fps constant …), but the price to pay is to devote a substantial size on our hard drive.

In fact, it is necessary to plan almost 90 GB download, not counting the patch that will be deployed when it is released and which will probably make it exceed 100 GB. It must also be said that the car simulator of Polyphony Digital offers more than 400 vehicles fully modeled and 90 laps to have fun with. Information that can help prepare for arrival the March 4 next, on PS4 and PS5, by doing a little sorting in your toy library to start download from February 25.

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Knowing that by default the SSD of the PS5 has 825 GB, this will quickly represent more than 11% of it. And if you’re also considering getting into Horizon Forbidden West and its 96 GB, or Elden Ring and its 45 GB, the console will quickly reach saturation with games of this ilk.

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