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Gran Turismo 7 brochure announces more than 90 tracks and 420 cars


Some figures are becoming clearer on the side of the simulation game Gran Turismo 7, through the promotional brochure distributed in Japan.

This brochure, distributed in Japan by Yodobashi Camera, a very large electronic and multimedia equipment store, allows us to learn more about the future Gran Turismo 7. Spotted by a Twitter user, this little booklet is full of numbers on Polyphony Digital’s new iteration of the racing game.

As we read, we are therefore taught that the game features “over 90 tracks with realistic weather and environmental details”, including official ones like Le Mans and the Nürburgring, more 420 vehicle models, and confirms “the eagerly awaited GT Mode, where you can enjoy your life as a runner. ” “Take advantage of various events such as purchases, resale or tuning of your vehicle”.

The book also gives details on different in-game services such as the garage, the car dealer, the tuning store or even missions like a “0-400m race” or drifting.

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A user of GT Planet had fun translating everything, you can find his work here.

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