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Gran Turismo 7 compares real and virtual images


Dai Yoshihara, Super GT, and Willow Springs are featured in two new videos seeking to show just how close the game is to real life.

The fateful date of March 4 fast approaching and there is not a day without Gran Turismo 7 being highlighted for its exclusive release on Playstation, whether on PS5 or PS4.

And today is not one but two videos that we offer where the Japanese driver Daijiro “Dai” Yoshihara and the English youtuber Steve Alvarez Brown (Super GT)specializing in car racing, are promoting the title of Polyphony Digital.

Both at the wheel of a Tesla, on the American desert circuit of Willow Springs (Big Willow)they will show how much the simulation offered by GT7 is close to reality.

The many settings allowed by the game allow in particular to bring a certain realism and an experience close to what you might feel on the circuit.

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And when we compare the two images, even if the digital version still comes out cleanerwe can clearly see how the transcription is faithful.

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