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Gran Turismo 7: content is coming with an imminent update


A month after the last one, Gran Turismo 7 is now set to welcome a next update and, with it, new content.

Last May, Gran Turismo 7 received a patch which provided it, like the April one, with new vehicles. However, it was not added without awakening and disappointing a certain part of the community. In fact, their discontent was directed towards the new measure taken by Polyphony Digital, that of reviewing the prices of legendary cars in order to make them correspond to the real market. A revision which will be followed by a new one, but not immediately. The next one is scheduled for August, and no, with the update coming in the week of June 20.

Three more new cars

So yes, three new vehicles will be brought with the new planned patch. What are they? Well, once again we will have to settle for their silhouette because, as usual, Kazunori Yamauchi only teased the upcoming release of the new update.

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No specific date or additional details regarding the various contributions and improvements expected have therefore been mentioned. So we will wait. Which can only be a matter of hours or, if not, only a few days.

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