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Gran Turismo 7: disgruntled audience resorts to review bombing


The latest installment in Kazunori Yamauchi’s series may have won the favor of the press, but it seems to be more than unloved on the side of the players.

While the vast majority of the press hailed the return of Gran Turismo – which our test also shows – it seems to be different from the players. GT7 is currently going through a period of review bombing. On Metacritic in particular, the average ratings given by players are catastrophic (2.5/10 in this case).

The reasons for this dissatisfaction

One of the main reasons for this passion against the game of Sony and Polyphony Digital concerns the mandatory online connection, even if the intention of the player is to start a solo game. The other type of complaint commonly transmitted on the site focuses on microtransactions that spoil the experience.

Carried away by disappointment and believing that they had been deceived in their expectations, some would have – as we can read on Eurogamer – even asked for a refund. A disappointment and anger that have notably intensified since the maintenance that occurred after the implementation of the patch 1.07 thus making the game inaccessible.

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And you, what is your opinion on the game?

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