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Gran Turismo 7: unable to play due to patch 1.07


Since yesterday, GT7 is completely inaccessible, the fault of a mandatory connection and servers down due to a problem with the 1.07 patch.

Yesterday, we were talking to you about patch 1.07 which enraged players with its modifications which force excessive grinding, to the point that some see it an uncharming way to push the purchase of microtransactions. But as if that weren’t enough, patch 1.07 completely broke the serversrendering the game simply unplayable at present, raising another issue: the required login.

Patch 1.07, a fiasco?

For more than 24 hours it is indeed impossible to launch Gran Turismo 7 on PS5 and PS4. The fault of an error hidden in the 1.07 patch which forced Polyphony Digital to extend its maintenance. The studio also split a tweet yesterday at the end of the day to report that the concern was still going to last.

The problem is that since then, it’s been a dead calm and the game is still inaccessible, since it is mandatory to be connected to the internet and to the game servers to play, even solo.

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Obviously, needless to say that the reactions of the community are salty to say the least, while at the competition, GRID Legends, we laugh a little.

GRIDLegends is a video game with cars that you can play right now.

It will therefore still be necessary to be patient before being able to repress the circuits. Polyphony Digital working hard to untangle the situation, it shouldn’t normally take too long.

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