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Grand Theft Auto V and Online coming to PS5 and Xbox Series in March


Grand Theft Auto V will land on PS5 and Xbox Series in March. It will also be accompanied by a new version of GTA Online.

Even if it has just formalized GTA 6, Rockstar Games is not ready to put an end to the GTA V (and GTA Online) adventure.

Yes, RockStar’s hit Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released on March 15 on PS5 and Xbox Series. The new version which will then be made available will offer the technology capable of using the potential of these new machines: 4k resolution, 60 fps, HDR option, ray tracing, 3D audio and other graphical improvements. Features or characteristics specific to consoles, such as the haptic feedback of the PS5will also be used in this version.

On the day of this publication, Rockstar will also release a brand new version of GTA Online. It will initially be free on PS5, for a period of three months. Various improvements and other elements will be made to it. Among these, there will be the possibility of skipping the introductory sequence from the story mode of GTA 5 or the presence of a new tutorial. A unique garage (Hao’s Special Works) to improve certain vehicles will also be among the new additions.

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The holders of a copy PS4 or Xbox Onewill be able to transfer their data without difficulty: their backups of GTA 5 plus their multiplayer character customization.

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