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Green Hell VR promises us deep immersion


Whether by its neat and realistic decorations, as by its sound environment or the management of physics, the next title of Incuvo seems to aim quite high.

Originally scheduled for 2021, Green Hell VR, Incuvo’s adaptation of Green Hell in virtual reality, has been postponed to first quarter 2022 on PCVR like Quest 2 and, unless further postponed, should therefore not delay.

Consequently, the communication around the title is accelerating and if we are to believe the physics and sounds demo video by Green Hell VR on Quest 2, extensive work seems to have made it possible to manage them correctly. It should therefore not no collision problem with objects that can pass through others, and each sound should be adapted to the subjects concerned. The soundscape of the jungle will of course also be there.

Another video, this time made on the PCVR version software, allows us to admire the Amazon forest in all its glory. Remember, however, that the title will not be just a walk in the park either, and that many dangers await you in this wild place.

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Green Hell VR is indeed a survival game where, alone and isolated in the Amazon jungle, you must manage hunger, thirst and fatiguebut also wild animal attacks and tropical dangers. It will therefore be essential to learn how to make your tools and your weapons, to build shelters and to treat your ugly wounds.

Ready for the challenge?

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