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Greenberg (Xbox) criticized by Crash fans after changing his photo


Provocation or simple symbolic wink? The manager of the marketing branch of Xbox has changed his avatar on Twitter and displays the new mascot of Microsoft… Crash Bandicoot.

This was one of the points we raised shortly after the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft: several licenses, more or less abandoned by the ABK group, were now in the hands of the Xbox manufacturer. And among them, the fans quickly brought to light Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, two historical mascots of the PlayStation but since abandoned, which could eventually become competitive exclusives.

If Microsoft could take the same decision as with Call of Duty (namely to continue to share the acquired IPs with Sony), these licenses may also have another course with the new parent company. Aaron Greenberg, marketing big boss at Xbox Games Studio, knows this very well.. It is therefore not insignificant that he recently changed his avatar on social networks, which greatly angered the fans.

He now appears with Crash Bandicoot, who takes the same pose as him, two arms crossed to form an X in front of his chest. A way of saying that now the marsupial is the machine’s new mascot. Some users were quick to call the man a “boastful” or a “thief.” Others laugh at this new photo:

I’m glad Aaron Greenberg put Crash in his profile picture, it proves:

– Xbox’s inability to create an iconic franchise in 20 years of history.

– that Xbox wants to know what it’s like, for the first time, to have one of the many historic franchises on PlayStation

Another explains:

The downside of living by buying what other people’s talent creates is that you will always be one step back.

In short, Crash Bandicoot fans, and no doubt some PlayStation fans as well, go wild for a simple photo, which is perhaps not intended to titillate the competition. Or maybe if, who knows… In “retaliation”, many Xbox fans changed their profile picture to support Greenberg, also sporting Crash’s image with his gang sign.

Fortunately, many players have also recalled that Greenberg has the full right to use this avatar, even more since the takeover, that Sony has also had success with other franchises, that the license was no longer used by Activision and especially that the animal has not been a PS exclusive since Crash Crash Bash in 2000, since the games were almost all released on Xbox afterwards…

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