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GrimGrimoire OnceMore will arrive in September in Europe


Vanillaware’s strategy title, originally released on PS2, will be entitled to its remaster. It is slated for release in a few months.

Recently author of the port of Sentinels 13: Aegis Rim, Vanillaware announced a few days ago the upcoming arrival of a remaster for his PS2 title.

Called GrimGrimoire OnceMore, this new iteration of the adventures of Lillet, the young witch fighting against a great threat that darkens the future, will present a new graphic facade as well as new game systems.

The real-time strategy game will be released on Switch and PS4 July 28 in Japan. A European arrival, bound for the same platforms, will follow two months later and will logically see the light of day on September 28.

A trailer as well as some images exposing in others the various characters of the soft were diffused.

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