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Grounded: Obsidian’s survival game gets its release date


In June, the survival game Grounded announced that it would be released in September. Now we know a little bit more about this famous date.

After spending about two years in early access, Obsidian Entertainment’s software will finally go to version 1.0that is to say in full version. This transition will take place on September 27 on PC, Xbox One and Series, and it will come with a number of surprises.

A few surprises to come

If the name does not tell you anything, a small presentation is necessary. Grounded is a survival game in which you play as a child who finds himself in an atypical situation. While he plays in his garden, he finds himself shrunken by a strange machine (who said Arthur and the Minimoys?). While waiting to find a solution to grow up again, he will have to survive against the once harmless threats that lurk in the tall grass.

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This concept, combined with an elaborate survival and crafting system, has not failed to please many people. So, for those who had already explored the early access in length and breadth, there was nothing left to do but wait for the final version and its many new features. And this date is now approaching fast.

But then, what can we expect besides the rest of the scenario? The director of the game, Adam Brennecke, said that the launch of 1.0 would be followed by the biggest update the game has ever seen. Among other things, the weapon and armor upgrade system was overhauled, a companion will be made available to the player and a new building will appear. There’s a lot to be excited about.

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