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GT7: Patch 1.07 enrages players over a mod forcing farming


Gran Turismo 7 recently received patch 1.07. A patch that targets farming and reduces rewards, leaving the door open to microtransactions… Needless to say, players are enraged.

Gran Turismo 7, excluded from Playstation, expected like the messiah by many simulation-oriented box game enthusiasts, is currently driving its community crazy, which is starting to rumble on the networks because of the latest patch since it would kick to microtransactions.

Patch 1.07 pushing microtransactions?

You should know that in GT7, there are at least 2 ways to earn vehicles when you have completed the “campaign”. We can either chain races to earn credits (Cr), either go through microtransactions to buy with real money.

When it came out, many players have already stepped up to the plate, pointing to the long and compulsory grind that was needed to get their hands on the most beautiful cars. The community had then had the good idea to make a list of the most profitable races in terms of time spent running, and the amount of credits pocketed as a reward.

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Lack of luck for them, Polyphony obviously got wind of the practice and decided to plan it all out to prevent the farming of credits on a handful of circuits deemed “too profitable”. While some of the longer tours now offer more rewards, others have seen their earnings drop and sometimes even divide by 2 or more.

According to VGC, several cars already required, before the patch, almost 10 hours of farming to be obtained, while knowing that some are only available temporarily, since locked in a rotation system available in the shops. It should therefore certainly increase with this new patch.

An update that clearly doesn’t sit well with players who feel like they’re being choked. I have to say that reducing in-game rewards is also a way of pushing users to get their hands on the wallet. Suffice to say that the pill is hard to pass.

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