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GT7: players start cheater to counter the game’s “pay to fast”


Gran Turismo 7 has been in turmoil since its famous patch 1.07. Between an increase in grind and the ensuing server outage, players are angry.

Less than a week ago, Gran Turismo 7 received a new update, patch 1.07. A “fix” which was mainly aimed at countering farming. The players had indeed drawn up a list of circuits with generous rewards to optimize their earnings as much as possible and acquire the most beautiful cars without grind for very long hours.

Something normal in a game which, according to a good part of the users, forces you to do a lot of shopping to pocket in-game money. However, Polyphony Digital didn’t hear it that way and “balanced” things by reducing the rewards. while crashing the servers in the process, making the game completely inaccessible due to the mandatory connection.

Fans then rushed to take their anger to the networks and some even launched a veritable review bombing campaign. to the point of dropping the game’s rating below 2 on Metacritic, making the game the worst software on the site. But that was obviously not enough.

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A script to farm without even touching the controller

It’s saturation in the community, a lot of players feel completely throated with the feeling of being pushed into buying microtransactions. It is for this reason that several smart guys have developed a script allowing you to shop without touching the controller via Remote Play on PC.

We will not detail the process of the method, but several players who gave in to the siren songs report having collected several million credits in just a few hourswith an average of 550,000 in one hour, all without being behind the screen.

A user draws up even makes an observation which can be chilling. Using the script, he gets to do more than 15 million credits per day. Which represents no less than 120€ through the store, and several days of intensive play by playing normally, which is not given to everyone.

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For now, Polyphony has still not communicated on the case, but we would be greatly surprised if the studio remained idly by. It remains to be seen if he will end up listening to the angry crowd or if he will simply operate to counter this method, or even to crack down on the accounts that have used the practice. In any case, the exclusivity of Sony has not finished talking.

Source: www.eurogamer.net

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