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GTA V: Rockstar Removed Transphobic Elements From New Releases


The new gen versions of GTA V now offer content relieved of certain discriminatory elements against the LGBT + community.

With the new versions of GTA V, Rockstar Games has somewhat revised its copies by removing some transphobic elements. Thus, as noted in particular Kirsty Cloudthe administrator of a site dedicated to fans, it is an explicit figurine of an arcade that has been replaced.

Similarly, the caricatural representations of trans people hanging out near the nightclub Cockatoos have also been revised. However, content now removed from the main game may resurface through the title’s Director Mode. Only, the transphobic dialogues remain absent.

This step taken by the American studio responds in particular to a letter from Out Making Games, an LGBT+ group in the industry, sent last year, following an article published on Kotaku, asking to consider the withdrawal of items in question. A change to which the organization behind the request responded favorably in these terms:

Grand Theft Auto V is a hugely popular game with millions of gamers around the world, and this change can have a huge impact on how those gamers view transgender people. Thank you to everyone at Rockstar who has made this issue a priority. We are game developers ourselves and understand that even small changes like this take time and coordinated effort.

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