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Guerrilla unveils the combat mechanics of Horizon Forbidden West


The Horizon Forbidden West chronicles continue, the team tells us more about the threats that await Aloy and the combat mechanics in his Guerrilla Blog Series # 5.

You must know, the world ofHorizon Forbidden West will not be devoid of enemies. Humans or machines, Aloy will have to face all kinds of more or less dangerous threats.

One of the objectives of the Guerrilla was from evolve combat mechanics from Horizon Zero Dawn always leaving players more than freedom of action and choice during meetings.

Players who take the time to hone their combat skills will find new methods that are as elegant as they are effective in taking down their enemies. We also wanted to allow a greater variety of styles of play and focus on free will.

Richard Oud, animation director at Guerrilla, explains that Aloy has gained in confidence since the previous opus, and that this will be felt in the animation.

Those improvements in Aloy’s combat mechanics will be coupled with a increased difficulty, AIs will be more responsive and smarter especially when traveling.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s AI already supported a lot of dynamic terrain changes, but we wanted to take it a step further by adding jumps and climbing to its behavior. The AI ​​now looks for shortcuts on the go, whereas you previously had to make rather complex detours.

Guerrilla made sure tobring clarity to the intentions of the attackers so that players can anticipate or react to the actions of their enemies, by analyzing their behavior, posture and vocalizations. Each machine will have its own sound signals which will differ depending on the situation. The team explains how to use this rhythm to create windows of opportunity that will allow players to react as they wish.

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He will be less difficult to be discreet in Horizon Forbidden West because the enemies will investigate the slightest disturbance in their environment. It’s up to the players to choose stealth, attack or flight depending on the threat.

There are plenty of different ways to approach a combat situation in the Forbidden West. The way the player chooses to approach fights has a real impact on their duration, the risks involved and the cost of resources.

The combat system against humans will be different again, Richard Oud explains that the goal was to make the fight against humans as intense and stimulating as the fight against machines. Each of them, depending on their membership in a particular clan, will have different reactions and a unique fighting style.

To prepare for the clashes that await them, players will have a variety of equipment and skills at their disposal. Once again, Guerrilla insists on the freedom of action that awaits players in the West prohibited.

How you want to approach a situation is up to you, using your skills, your environment, and the clues you get from the world around you.

You can find this entire Guerrilla Blog Series # 5 on the Playstation Blog.

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Source: blog.fr.playstation.com

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