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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Reveals Release Date


10 years after the game’s release, Guild Wars 2 continues to develop and bring ever more content to players.

One of the MMORPGs the best known will be entitled to a new extension. NCSOFT and ArenaNet just revealed the release of the third expansion Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons for the February 28, 2022 on PC.

This epic new adventure will lead players to discover a strange continent named Cantha, a territory covered in secrets. It’s up to you to discover what’s hidden there and unravel the mystery of the substance called draconic jade that helps power Canthian technology.

In addition to this new untold story that will make you meet new charactersthe extension of Guild Wars 2 of course, offers new features. New horizontal progression options include thearrival of fishing and skiffs (craft that can accommodate groups of five players), the game’s first multiplayer combat mount, the Siege Turtle, will provide new possibilities for movement and battle with a friend.

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Nine new elite specializations are also appearing, coming to reforge the bases of each of the professions of the game. large-scale global events unique to Guild Wars 2 will return through the game’s new green areas offering near-infinite replayability.

Until the release of this extension, NCSOFT and ArenaNet will reveal more information about new gameplay features on their Twitch and Youtube channels during a livestream. Come and discover the program here.

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