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Gunborg: Dark Matters, a date, collectors and a video


Experience Gunborg, an indie platformer with an 80s aesthetic, complete with cannons, monsters, synthwave music, and pink and purple neon lights.

Red Art Games just announced Gunborg: Dark Mattersa new arcade platform game scheduled for March 4, 2022 on Steam, Switch, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One. First PS5 game for the developer, it allows the studio to move into the big leagues since the title will offer the DualSense support and 120 Hz.

PS4 players will also benefit from a free version upgrade.. Pre-orders are already launched. An edition collector limited to 999 physical copies PS4 and 1500 copies PS5 is also now available on the game store, another on Switch will also be offered in April.

Gunborg: Dark Matters is a Action-packed, arcade-style space platformer with smooth gameplay and an 80s synthwave soundtrack.

Armed with a fierce blade and a mighty shield, your challenge is to smash your way through a crazed alien spaceship filled with deadly creatures and capture the fearsome bosses defending it. Do you have what it takes to face constant threats while staying on your feet in the heat of battle? Can you keep your cool when chaos descends upon you?

Discover the vertical gameplay and the interesting range of weapons of this title with strong 80s inspiration, in a first ingame trailer:

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