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Gwent Rogue Mage: CD Projekt dates its new single player game and it’s coming soon


The one that was called Project Golden Nekker now has a name and as a bonus, an imminent release date.

Announced for a while now, the Project Golden Nekker, now called Gwent Rogue Mage, is presented as a stand alone affiliated with the multiplayer game Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. And guess what? It comes out on July 7th on PC, iOS and Android. No release on consoles is planned for the moment.

CD Projekt’s first roguelike will be at the Gwent

Gwent Rogue Mage will focus on an all-single player experience incorporating many roguelike elementshe will also propose several modes of difficulty. In Gwent, deck building will be of the utmost importance, as will the many choices you will have to make on your way. In bonus, the software integrates a touch of narration by telling the adventures of the mage Alzur who tries to create the very first sorcerer, centuries before the birth of Geralt.
Something to wait for before the sequel of The Witcher. Although it may take a while.

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