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Hades is the first game to receive a Hugo Award


The roguelite in the Underworld of Greek Mythology won the very first game of the year award from an institution in the world of fantasy in the USA.

the Hugo award (or Prix Hugo in the language of Wejdene), is a American literary prize awarded for almost 70 years to works of science fiction and fantasy. Writers, novels, short stories or magazines are celebrated every year through this ceremony whose name pays homage to Hugo Gernsback, founder of one of the first science fiction magazines in the USA, Amazing stories.

And for this 2021 edition, a prize has been introduced for the very first time in the event, Video game of the year. The title of Supergiant Games, Hades – who has already obtained numerous nominations and awards since its release in 2020– thus add a statuette on its shelf.

For the introduction of this new category, 145 games were still in the running, and 6 had ended up in the final thanks to the public vote: Hades, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Last Of Us: Part II, Spiritfarer, Blaseball and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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As a reminder, Hades, the highest rated game on PS5 and Xbox Series when it was released this year, has won 5 prizes at the BAFTA Games Awards, two more at the Game Awards 2020 and two more at the Golden Joystick Awards 2020. And especially a 20/20 on VGR. It is to say if it is good.

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