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Halo Infinite: a crossover planned with the series for season 2 of the game


As Halo Infinite prepares to enter its second season, Lone Wolves, 343 Industries tells us that a crossover with the series will be in the game.

With its free-to-play multiplayer on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC, Halo Infinite is doing quite well and is now heading towards its season 2, Lone Wolves, scheduled for May 3.

A skin for the Master Chief’s butt?

In addition to adding new maps, a brand new battle pass and game modes as announced by the studio, 343 Industries has also confirmed the arrival ofa small crossover with the series.

In effect, during season 2, at an undetermined dateit will be possible to get your hands on a set of cosmetics in the colors of the Halo TV seriescurrently broadcast on Paramount +, and Canal + with us.

People have been asking if there will be any Halo Infinite related content. Although it was actually stated that this will happen later, today we are able to tell you that ‘Lone Wolves’ will feature a batch of series-related cosmetic items.

We do not know exactly the content of these famous items, even if we suspect that we will have at least the right to a complete armor kit, colors for our equipment and logos related to the TV show . Incidentally, regarding the latter, even if the Halo series divides, it will still be renewed for a second season and should work twice as hard according to the writers.

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But no, contrary to what the intertitle suggests, it will not be possible to get the Master Chief’s pretty buttocks out of his armor. You just have to go see the series, it reveals absolutely everything about the legendary Spartan 117.

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