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Halo Infinite not yet complete, but 343 Industries on another title? News @VGR


Although the latest installment of Halo is not officially finished, 343 Industries is already at work on a new episode, according to an insider.

The schedules are getting tighter and tighter in the video game industry, as in the cinema, and it would not be so surprising to see this information confirmed. However, we will keep the tweezers for this news. According to the Microsoft specialist journalist, Jez Corden343 Industries would already be at work on a new episode of the Halo series, after Halo Infinite.

At a podcast with Rand Al Thor broadcast on Youtubehe declares to be almost assured of this information, thus confirming other rumors already heard about the saga.

Small catch though: the studio keeps saying it has a huge roadmap for Halo Infinite multiplayer. After pushing back its co-op mode which didn’t come out at the same time as the title, the game should also get Forge mode for Season 3, probably not before the end of the year. This same Corden had also announced two Battle Royale oriented modes: Big Team Operations and another PvPvE. That said, these game modes could be developed by third-party studios, thus giving carte blanche to 343 Industries for a larger project…

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That’s a lot there, isn’t it?

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