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Has Ocarina of Time finally made it into the Hall of Fame? News @VGR


Titles to join the Hall of Fame have now been nominated by the Strong Museum. So, who has joined this famous video game pantheon?

Maybe until now the fans, or the players quite simply, saw the situation as a kind of injustice. But here they are finally reassured and delivered from a weight. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time finally got its rightful place in the video game pantheon.

Ocarina of Time finally enters the Hall of Fame

The emblematic episode of the N64, which made the series’ transition to 3D with great success, now sits on the New York’s Strong Museum Hall of Fame. A place that allows you to recognize the influence that certain games have had within the industry or, more generally, in society.

At its side, 3 other titles accompany it and it is probably not necessarily the ones you expected the most among the nominated games. If you thought you saw Assassin’s CreedResident Evil or even PaRappa the Rapper follow our legendary Link, well, it’s a miss. It will be for next time. For the moment, the consecration belongs rather to Ms. Pac-Man, Dance Dance Revolution and the cult strategy game Civilization.

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