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Have a Nice Death: a new trailer for the roguelite à la Hollow Knight


After Unruly Heroes, Magic Design Studios is back with another 2D platformer, reminiscent of the excellent Hollow Knight.

Playing the death that goes to work in the most natural way does that tell you? In any case, this is the proposal that we are making Have a Nice Death, a very second degree 2D roguelite with an atypical artistic direction.

On this side, the studio does not surprise us since the small team of Magic Design Studio is already behind the very good and very poetic Unruly Heroesa platform game inspired by the famous tale “Journey to the West” which we really liked at the time.

The studio will therefore return to the front of the stage with Have a Nice Day from March 8 in early access on computer through Steam, in four short days. And after having shared some gameplay with us, the game is taking this ultimate opportunity to share with us a final trailer before its release, not without humor.

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