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He destroys his living room while playing Half Life Alyx in VR


An artist has modeled his entire living space in Half Life Alyx for the simple purpose of… playing in it and destroying it.

Half Life Alyx has become a staple in VR and more. If Valve’s title is already largely self-sufficient and very successful, it is also one of the most modded VR games and you can find everything there.

Half Life Alyx in your living room, your living room in Half Life Alyx

While some modders recreate entire games, like Return to Rapture, others prefer to use the software as a technical showcase. This is particularly the case of the 3D artist Graham Rust who decided to postpone the entire show in the 1:1 scale software and the result is impressive.

The designer spent dozens of hours creating each object from A to Z, scrupulously respecting the dimensions of each one. so as to use his entire living room as a roomscale, and above all, destroy it virtually.

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Graham Rust has also announced that this work was only the first of a long series. He intends to create several floors made up of unique pieces while keeping the dimensions of his own apartment to have a game in which he can move freely each time, and thus push the creative limits of virtual reality.

The author is not his first attempt since he had already modeled his living room in another small VR experience and had also completely redone his room in virtual reality.

Play Half Life Alyx in your living room in a representation of your living room in Half Life Alyx. It’s a Half-Life-Alyx-ception.

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