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he finishes the game using only his butt! News @VGR


FromSoftware’s latest hit unleashes passions, and speedrunners have already had fun beating incredible times to complete the Underworld journey. This time, a Youtubeur has chosen a completely unusual path. Finish the game with his buttocks.

You thought you had seen it all with Elden Ring. Between speedruns to complete FromSoftware’s latest nugget in less than 9 minutes, or even discover the memes that replace certain iconic Elden Ring bosses with Thomas the locomotive, Shrek, Goofy or Homer Simpson.

This time, a Youtuber named Distortion2 has taken on a completely different challenge that puts the laws of physics and gravity to the test, since he had fun defeat all the bosses in the game with your butt.

This technique is called the Ash of War Ground Slam and the principle could not be simpler, hitting the ground with all his might with his behind to deal damage to enemies. If this may seem completely stupid, it is nevertheless necessary to be endowed with a certain dose of skill since this attack requires being very close to the opponent to inflict maximum damage.

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