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Hello Games teases a new game as “ambitious as No Man’s Sky”


It’s not No Man’s Sky 2, but Hello Games’ next game is at least as ambitious as the space-based open world that blew the studio up on the gaming scene.

When it comes to raising the hype, Sean Murray does not go out of his way and the leader of Hello Games lets loose when talking about the studio’s next game.

With big words come big responsibilities

Renowned for the excellent follow-up/reworking of No Man’s Sky, Hello Games is also infamous for its chaotic, if not downright catastrophic, launch. Backed by excessive communication, presentations and promises, No Man’s Sky sold dreams, far too many dreams. So when when it was released the software did not keep half of its promises, worse by lying about its content, the players stepped up to the plate.

Obviously, Hello Games has not fully learned from its mistakes since Sean Murray returns to the charge with barely concealed bombast when he talks about his next game.

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In the columns ofIGN, the man is already selling us a colossal project and according to him, even if the game is only at the beginning of its development, it would be so ambitious that even a team of 1000 developers couldn’t pull it off. Just that.

We’ve been working on something rather ambitious in the background for a while now. It’s a small team, but that’s how we like to work. It’s quite similar to No Man’s Sky, it’s the kind of project that even if you had a thousand people on it would still seem impossible.

Is there room left for No Man’s Sky?

Nevertheless, Sean Murray assures that neither project is stepping on it and that No Man’s Sky will continue to receive all the support it deserves. Witness Outlawsthe latest update.

No Man’s Sky is not retained by the next project any more than this novelty is slowed down by No Man’s Sky. We are lucky enough to be able to make people work on what interests them the most.

This can either reassure or freak out fans. In any case Hello Games is on the coal and will give us news of its baby project in due course. For now, we will have to wait. We would even be tempted to tell you to take all this with a grain of salt.

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Source: en.ign.com

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