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Here are Shuhei Yoshida’s favorite indie games (PlayStation)


What were Shuhei Yoshida’s favorite indie games of 2021? The former president of Sony studios unveils the titles that have marked him the most.

Slowed down by the pandemic, the year 2021 was nevertheless marked by some great outings. If all eyes were on AAA softwares, especially at the end of the year, several indie titles have managed to stand out from the crowd. For Shuhei Yoshida, the former president of PlayStation studios who now oversees relations with independent studios, 2021 was marked by these more confidential productions.

The best indie PS5 and PS4 games according to Yoshida

Throughout the year we have discovered many amazing, charming, beautiful and interactive indie games on PS4, PS VR and PS5.He said in a blog post. Which ones shone the most in his eyes? The PlayStation spunk reveals his top 12:

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