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Here’s how to pause the game on Elden Ring (without mods)


A YouTuber has come up with a completely legal and fairly easy scheme to put the action of Elden Ring on hold, and thus enjoy a well-deserved respite.

Blabla Elden Ring too complicated, blabla FromSoftware wants to hurt you, blabla reviews all over the place. No need to make long speeches, you came to know how to pause Elden Ringsince the game is far too difficult and leaves you no time out.

Except that a player has finally figured out how to legally afford some rest in the phenomenally successful new title. It’s almost as hard to find as the game is to play, but it’s a trick that will please to very many readers, we are sure.

How do I pause Elden Ring?

On his twitter, Iron Pineapple explain the procedure to follow: you have to enter the inventory, open the help menu, choose “menu explanations” and there, THERE, the action pauses at the bottom of your screen. If it’s so hard to find, it’s probably not dedicated to that. Take advantage before the publisher discovers this bug and fixes it with a patch.

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Note that if you are cowards, you can always use mods on PC that allow you to activate a pause mode. Except it is considered cheating by the game’s protection software, so it will be at your own risk.

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