Home News Hidden Deep, the “so 80s” platformer arrives in early access

Hidden Deep, the “so 80s” platformer arrives in early access


After a highly acclaimed beta, Daedalic’s somewhat die & retry horror game is coming to early access on Steam this Monday evening at 7 p.m.

eighties inspired as much in its platformer mechanics as in its horror / science fiction atmosphere, Hidden Deep has just been released in early access on Steam this Monday. The little independent game developed by one man will delight all fans of Carpenter’s films.

We had the opportunity to test its beta version shortly before its official release, and you can find our article here. The launch of the early access follows this famous beta played by more than 50,000 users on Steam.

Early Access also allows add co-op multiplayer option, an essential ingredient to navigate the levels in the depths of this underwater installation invaded by strange creatures, in a mysterious and dark 2D style. Official release at 7 p.m.

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