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Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions on a PS5 game? News @VGR


A few hours ago, the creator of Death Stranding and Metal Gear posted a photo of a PlayStation 5 devkit in action … then recanted. But is it really an announcement before its time?

Very active on social networks, the slightest tweet fromHideo Kojima can be devious and at times overinterpreted. His last intervention is also talking. December 16, 2021, the Japanese developer threw a photo of its art director, Yoji Shinkawa, with a PS5 devkit in the background … in operation.

A cliché that was deleted almost immediately by the creator, which raises questions at a time when several projects are being lent to Kojima Productions, starting with a software designed for Xbox xCloud. If we assume that the rumor is true, is this a sign of a failed partnership? No, since the supposed negotiations were not over, and the rumor has it that Microsoft would first launch a title in cloud gaming to take the temperature and learn from the experience. To sum up, it might not see the light of day anytime soon, if it turned out, and therefore it would give way to another project..

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A new collaboration with PlayStation?

If we can assume that Kojima-san and his teams are actually experimenting with something on PlayStation 5, this is not however the real reason for the deletion of the tweet..

In a podcast alongsideAlanah pearce (senior writer at Santa Monica Studio) and Troy baker (voice of Joel The Last of Us, Ocelot MGS 5 …), Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone, Volume, John Wick Hex) sets the record straight and explains that developers are not allowed to post such photos of PS5 devkit, a directive which of course emanates from Sony. And we are fully in this scenario since the machine is clearly visible.

Finally, we recall, anyway, that Norman Reedus would have sold the fuse of a Death Stranding 2, which would automatically lead to a joint game with Sony Interactive Entertainment, the license belonging to the manufacturer. The same one that recently had a patent validated in connection with a DS mechanic.

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