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Hideo Kojima and Michael Bay on a joint project? News @VGR


It’s not the projects that are missing for Kojima. And, if among those, there was one with Michael Bay? A photo sows doubt.

Appeared last week during the Xbox conference to only announce his project – which, according to Tom Hendersonshould be Overdose – Hideo Kojima has now published a post that will undoubtedly raise some questions, here and there, in the minds of fans of the Japanese designer’s work.

A current project with the king of explosions?

Through a photo, which can be seen on his account Twitter, Hideo Kojima poses with a director of movies that couldn’t be more action-oriented, to whom we owe in particular Rock, Bad Boys or even Transformersi.e. the famous Michael “Bomb” Bay. So obviously, we will not be shy to lend them a supposed collaboration, especially since the picture that we see is quite intriguing.

The screen displaying the director indeed leads us to think in this way. And for good reason, a black square has been placed in such a way as to hide an element, which seems to have a significant impact. Does this therefore prove the existence of a common project? Working on a film, a game or something else? We’ll see. Time will tell us.

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So here is. Not much. It may not even be a teaser and therefore does not necessarily mean much. But, if the father of Metal Gear Solid were to formalize such a project, we would not be surprised.

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