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Hideo Kojima formalizes his project with Xbox


There you go, it’s now done, Kojima took advantage of the Xbox / Betheda conference to finally formalize his new project with the American company.

Earlier this week, Tom Henderson highlighted Kojima’s new game. What is still only a rumor, although it seems to be surrounded by an aura of truth, especially since Kojima Productions contacted the journalist to request the withdrawal of his article on the possible game then advanced: Overdose.

And, it will still be necessary to wait a little to know it, if that proves to be. Because, even if the Japanese director has just made his appearance, he has not given confirmation. He rather took advantage of the few moments granted by the conference Xbox / Bethesda to formalize a project with Xbox Game Studios, without giving more details on what it is.

Kojima on an ambitious project

Rumors, and Jeff Grubb in particular, had been talking about it for some time. It is now acted upon.

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By taking the floor, the father of Metal Gear Solid and of death stranding effectively endorsed the famous Cloud project which was just waiting to be confirmed. A partnership which, in the words of the Japanese creator, should allow his new title to benefit from cutting-edge technology and thus give substance to a “new concept”.

Hi everyone, this is Hideo Kojima. Yes, there is a game that I have always wanted to make. It’s a completely new game, which no one has ever seen or experienced before. I waited a very long time for the day when I could finally start creating it. Thanks to Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology in cloud computing and the changing trend in the industry, it is now possible to challenge myself to realize this unique concept. It may take a while, but I look forward to teaming up with Xbox Game Studios and hope to bring you some exciting news in the future! Thanks!

Is it the famous Overdose or not? We’ll see. In any case, as said, this Xbox title could take some time to appear. And maybe even by then death stranding 2which is said to be currently in production, will already be out.

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