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Hideo Kojima on a new project, to say the least… original


One of the highest-rated figures in the industry (and mankind), the aptly named Hideo Kojima, is embarking on a new project in an astonishing format.

Decidedly, Kojima is on all fronts, between an animated project, games in the boxes – including a tipped on PSVR2 – it seems that the man is busy.

By the way, remember, at the very beginning of the year he also teased that a “radical” project was on the table and that he was counting move closer to the radio.

Well it’s done, since it is now possible to find this dear Hideo Kojima in podcast on Amazon Audible (excluded Japan), in “Hideo Kojima’s Radioverse”.

With this new format, Kojima intends to talk about everything that interests him (video games, cinema, etc.) by inviting around the table several celebrities and/or relatives, attached to the sector.

For this very first episode, Japanese Youtubers from the 2Bro collective were invited to discuss these topics. Well-known video game lovers on the archipelago who have more than 3 million subscribers on their channel.

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No luck for fans outside the Japanese borders, this podcast is only available in Japanese and only accessible on Amazon Audible, so you will have to go through a VPN if you plan to follow your idol.

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