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Hitchhiker joins the Quest in a few days


After flat screens, the Mad About Pandas puzzle game is launching into virtual reality on Meta’s standalone headset.

Even if it did not leave us with an unforgettable memory during our test last April when it was released on PC, PS4, XboxOne and Switch, we are still curious to see the result of the port of Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game on Quest from the March 10, 2022.

It should be noted that the title has been nominated several times and that it has won the prize for the best story at Game Connection 2018 and that of developer at Intel Buzz Workshop 2018.

This first-person narrative adventure of Mad About Pandas and Versus Evil asks you to solve environmental puzzles in order to recover memory while traveling along a highway with different characters who help you in your task.

No other ports has not yet been officially announced, either on PCVR or PSVR.

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