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Hitman 3: Freelancer mode will take longer than expected


IO Interactive’s rogue-lite mode won’t be released in the spring as announced, the new May roadmap has been unveiled.

Announced for the spring as part of the season 2 of Hitman III, the Freelancer roguelite modewhich represents one of the big expectations for this year, was pushed back by IO Interactive to the second half of 2022whether on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series.

The stated objective is of course to allow the end result meets expectations. The first feedback from the community has indeed not always been very good and various settings are therefore necessary.

As a reminder, this game mode will allow customize the Agent 47 hideout as you like. It will be possible from this HQ to refuel and properly prepare your equipment, like training in a shooting range. You can then embark on the bald assassin missions around the world, with randomly generated targets and NPCs.

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It therefore follows a new roadmapwith in particular the April content shifted to May 24but also of new fugitive targets including The Iconoclast, from May 27 to June 6. The next card Ambrose Islandit is expected for the month of July.

Source: www.ioi.dk

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