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Hitman 3 game director recruited to lead Crysis 4


The Crysis 4 project is progressing, as agreed, very slowly on the side of Crytek, which has just appointed the former Game Director of Hitman 3 at the head of its new production.

the new installment of the Crysis franchise was formalized by Crytek last January, just after the launch of a major recruitment campaign on its site. Since this announcement in January, the studio has been looking for its team to offer a sequel expected since the last opus in 2013.

Mattias Engström, a regular at Crytek franchises

Now, a lead game director has been recruited to take care of the project. Crytek has just announced the arrival of Mattias Engströmformerly of IO Interactive and Ubisoft, at the head of the game. He had previously occupied from hitman 3which could be good news for the whole stealth part of Crysis 4.

The man is also no stranger to the studio, since in his CV, we also find a passage on Far Cry 3 as a level designer (another production created by Crytek but recovered by Ubisoft). He also performed the same role on the new hitman series (1 & 2) or The Division.

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Crytek says recruitment is still ongoing. Last January, the studio announced that the project was only at the very beginning of its development, and that we will have to wait to have the first interesting information.

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