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Horizon Forbidden West: Ghost of Tsushima hides a surprise dedicated to Aloy


Visibly very excited at the idea of ​​seeing Horizon Forbidden West land, Sucker Punch has decided to pay tribute to the game of Guerrilla in Ghost of Tsushima.

On February 18, Horizon Forbidden West will debut on PS5 and PS4. A game eagerly awaited by many players, but also by Sucker Punch, father of Ghost of Tsushima, who wanted to give a little nod to his comrades at Guerrilla.

Through a tweet, the studio announced that it was impatient to find Aloy and even decided to directly pay homage to him in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, by integrating a little surprise in his latest patch. According to the visuals on the tweet, it would be cosmetic elements in the colors of Horizon Forbidden West and its heroine.

We are very excited about the arrival of Horizon Forbidden West from our friends at Guerrilla! In the meantime, today we released a new patch for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut that fixes a wind shrine north of Iki Island. Solve the puzzle there to win an Aloy-inspired surprise…

A nice little easter egg and a bit of communication don’t hurt. Moreover, while waiting Horizon Forbidden Westyou can always jump on the latest visuals captured on PS5 that the software shared with us, or those of its PS4 version.

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