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Horizon Forbidden West: New Game+ is coming with patch 1.14



The Guerrilla game showed up at the last State of Play to announce a new update that notably brings New Game +.

In the wake of the opus VRHorizon Call of The Mountain, Guerrilla announced something new for the last episode released last February on PS5 and PS4.

During 30 minutes granted as part of the State of PlayHorizon Forbidden West received a new update (the 1.14) which will undoubtedly satisfy gamers with its new major element.

From this June 3, it is now possible to redo the adventure game in New Game +. An addition that also comes with new contributions, rewards and a new level of difficulty.

Patch 1.14 rating

New Features

We are so grateful to our incredibly talented community and are happy to announce that this major update includes some highly requested features including:

  • New Game+
  • Ultra Hard difficulty mode when selecting difficulty for New Game or New Game Plus.
  • Skill reset function in the menu
  • New functionality to apply a different look to Aloy’s armor.
  • New rewards available in New Game+ (weapons, dyes and facepaints).
  • A new set of trophies

Fixes and improvements

Performance and stability

  • Improved visual fidelity in Performance mode.
  • Several crash fixes.

Main Quests

  • Fixed an issue in the Main Quest “The Sea of ​​Sands” where progress was blocked when trying to open the valve.
  • Fixed an issue in the Main Quest “The Fractured Sky” where the quest would hang if the cutscene was skipped too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue in the Main Quest “The Dying Lands” where the quest would not progress after defeating the Grimhorn.

Side quests

Fixed an issue in the “Breaking Even” side quest where beams to interact with were not present.

Activities around the world

  • Fixed an issue where fast travel to Rebel Outpost: “High Turning” would send Aloy elsewhere.
  • Fixed an issue where the campfire in Rebel Camp: ‘Devil’s Grasp’ remains unavailable after clearing the camp.
  • Fixed an issue where an objective could not be completed in the camp [*]rebel: The Hive
  • Fixed an issue in Arena where the countdown would continue after defeating all machines.

Data points

Oops… Added world data point 63.


  • Fixed an issue where Tallneck’s explosion would destroy all other machines.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fireclaw would not go into a shocked or immobilized state when triggered during certain attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Behemoth could chain charge attacks in quick succession.
  • Fixed an issue where machine parts could fall through the ground.


  • Reduced Quen Imperial Guard armor health to be more in line with other enemies.
  • Weapons

    • Fixed an issue where the Tier 4 “Hammerburst Boltblaster” dealt less damage than the Tier 3 version.
    • Fixed an issue where enemies would become suspicious when spotting an active explosive trap.
    • Fixed an issue where some weapons were not giving value correctly.
    • Reduced crafting costs for crafting traps at the workbench.
    • Rebalanced crafting costs for Elite and Advanced Traps when crafting in the wild.
    • Fixed an issue where some weapon perks were not giving the correct values.


    • Updated Resilient Trapper skill with new values.
    • Fixed an issue where Reinforced Shot could be unintentionally buffed.


    • Fixed an issue where canisters could have different rarities.
    • Added option to show or hide grappling hook icons.
    • Added a “Tear open” option in the accessibility settings of the Hold/Togger option.
    • Added an option to allow machines to enter “Toggle” mode in Accessibility Settings.
    • Updated icons for various machine parts


    Performance and stability

    • Additional in-game streaming fixes.
    • Additional crash fixes.

    Picture Mode

    Added Filmgrain to photo mode. Graininess varies with intensity: low values ​​have small graininess, high values ​​increase the grain size, leaving high values ​​particularly suited to experimenting with black and white.


    • Fixed an issue where loot barrels were not being destroyed in a single hit.
    • Fixed an issue where overheat would not take the highest value when consuming health and food potions at the same time.
    • Fixed an issue where civilians would not always react to rain.
    • Fixed an issue where motion aiming would not work for the second controller when using the Co-Pilot function.
    • Fixed an issue where Aloy could still control a mount while in shock.
    • Fixed an issue where Aloy could crawl through an air duct while holding a battery.
    • Fixed and improved several localizations and subtitles.
    • Several lighting fixes and improvements.

    HOTFIX 1.15

    • Fixed HUD elements displaying simultaneously when starting the game under certain circumstances.
    • Fixed an issue where dialogue with Untalla would not complete the activity after handing over all black boxes.
    • Fixed an issue where Custom Difficulty was not restored correctly when loading a game that was made with Custom Difficulty selected.
    • Improved readability of The Arena text in Arabic.